Sound System

ACS 120 W
L.95 H.18 P.30


Power: 120W RMS
Input: Hdmi, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Aux TV, Optical
Equalisation modes: pop, rock, disco, classic
Power source: 110/220/240 volt
Remote control included

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The ACS 120 W 2.1 Sound System by Munari is equipped with digital display, hugh quality speakers, two subwoofers and all the necessary input plugs. If you are keen on music or cinema, this product will improve your experience for sure! Moreover, Munari has designed the Sound products, they are common to all our TV cabinets collections. The Sound products are specifically made to fit the ACS 120 W Sound System and their main feature is the technical fabric covering the pull-down door, for the Modena, Leggera or Quarz Collections, or metallic mesh, for the MO&MA Collection. These two modifications to the door allow the sound to pass through freely, for letting you enjoy the best audio experience even with the pull-down door closed.
Digital display
High-end loudspeakers
Double subwoofer
Connection inputs
technical FABRIC



white technical fabric
(for Modena and Quarz)


grey technical fabric
(for Modena)


black technical fabric
(for Modena, Leggera and Quarz)


tessuto acustico nero
(per Modena, Leggera e Quarz)


remote friendly lacquered glass door


Acoustic fabric